Brains &


Creativity & Spirit

- Since 7 years marketing guru

- Bachelor in Sports

- Movement expert with heart and soul

- With passion outdoors

- A little bit crazy


Skiing, Surfing, Mountaineering,
Wakesurfing, MT - Biking, Ski Touring

Silvan Poltera
Andreas Müller


Passion & Ingenuity

- IT consultant for 10 years

- Playful, but mercilessly direct

- Engineer (FH), IT expert, a little bit nerdy

- Passion for cooking

- Bookworm and tribe politician


Skiing, Snowboarding, Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding,
Wakesurfing, MT - Biking, Kickboxing, Motorbiking

Communication & Creative Excellence

Communication has degenerated into a "beat me dead" word, which we will use here exclusively for Google rating. But be assured, we are "communicative" because we are already communicating with you! Our creativity stands out because it is where mainstream is no longer enough, where established concepts are turned upside down and where unorthodox methods are welcome.

Sports & Events

For us, sport is not a #tag on Instagram, no catchphrase in magazines, even less a theme for the Facebook profile. Sport is something we live and breathe every day! Here we make the difference when it comes to concepts and communication for events or digitization.

Online & Digital

Online appearances and strategies, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, are always well thought out. For online hypes to follow is like best-effort solutions: can work, but rarely outstanding. We stand by you as a consultant for broad-based and long-term success. With our network, we are able to provide you with almost every imaginable digital solution ... which can not only work but will. Outstanding!



Connecting snow enthusiasts of Switzerland into one community... that's SnowBuddies!

Business Report



Bike community get ready! Connecting mountain bike enthusiasts in Switzerland into one community... that's BikeBuddies!

The Buddies Concept

You want to create a community platform to cover your business or leisure sector, we have the solution for you: out of the box. White labeled or all in one. Please contact us, we will be glad to help you. All possibilities are explained in our Buddies Concept.

The Buddies Concept