Brains &

The Boss
Silvan Poltera

Creativity & Spirit

- Marketing Guru for 8 years

- Bachelor in Sports

- Movement expert with heart and soul

- Photographer with diploma

- A little bit crazy


Skiing, Surfing, Mountaineering,
Wakesurfing, MT - Biking, Ski Touring

Silvan Poltera
Andreas Müller

The Team
in the cave

IT Consultant, Creative Director, Event Manager

- CO - Founders consisting of an engineer, Van Gogh's descendant and Woody Woodpecker

- They are playful and camera-shy, but mercilessly efficient

- Support the boss in all respects

- Well treated, but kept on a short leash

The Modern Corporate Identity

Nowadays, the identity of a company should no longer be in the shadow of product or service, but must be communicated openly with it. In the age of digital information gathering, we are not afraid to shy away from the collective urge for transparency. We want to use it to our advantage.

The Way of Work

The added value of a full corporate identity package of The Buddies AG is not limited to the external presentation of the company, but also acts as an internal guide. Business plans and entire workflows can be oriented and coordinated with each other. Together, we pull a red thread through the presentation, setup and work process of their company, which leads clients and partners right outside their door.

Marketing as its best

The Buddies AG plans, organizes and executes various marketing and communication services for you. These can be the improvements of internal communication processes, communication plans and measures, up to the general appearance of your company. This includes digital and analogue measures. In order to provide you with a full service and to facilitate the work, we also undertake the planning, organization and coordination of third-party suppliers, in order to offer you the best possible solution.


Connecting snow enthusiasts of Switzerland into one community... that's SnowBuddies!

Season 2017/2018

Season 2018/2019

Bike community get ready! Connecting mountain bike enthusiasts in Switzerland into one community... that's BikeBuddies!

Season 2018

For Investors

Get the current annual reports of The Buddies AG. Those contain also the facts and figures of the past platform seasons

Business Report 2019

The Buddies Concept

You want to create a community platform to cover your business or leisure sector, we have the solution for you: out of the box. White labeled or all in one. Please contact us, we will be glad to help you. All possibilities are explained in our Buddies Concept.

Download the concept

The Buddies AG created the corporate identity of is an independent and consistently transparent multi-issuer platform for trading structured products.

Finance VLOG

The Buddies AG was allowed to produce the first ever VLOG campaign for asset management Clarus Capital from start to finish. Stay tuned for the next episodes.


With subdivison: Poltis Photography, The Buddies AG serves the daily demand for sophisticated and timely photography.